About Us

Established by Tony Talisse in 1987, DKB Designer Kitchens & Beyond (DKB) has quickly become one of the leading remodel and new construction contractors serving Los Angeles and Orange counties.

DKB's success is directly attributable to the passion, expertise, and creativity of Talisse and his team of interior designers and builders. Talisse and his team have worked together building thousands of custom homes and living spaces for decades. Between their cooperation and expertise in construction practices, custom architectural design, and energy efficiency technology, it is no wonder DKB is a leader amongst its peers.

Every project is guided and inspired by Talisse and his unwavering commitment to his clients. With his degree in Architectural Design and 28 years of experience, Talisse has become an expert in the remodeling and new construction of multimillion-dollar homes. Applying his foundation in classic architecture to his modern aesthetic, Talisse and his team build sublime homes whose breathtaking beauty is the result of his ability to make complex, intricate designs and incredible feats of construction appear effortless.

Above all, DKB is about realizing the dreams of its clients. DKB consists of expert architects, builders, artisans, and interior designers who all are dedicated to exceeding the expectations of their clients and creating breathtaking, long-lasting, and immaculate work. Through collaborative meetings and numerous checks and touch points, we take every opportunity to keep our customers informed about every phase of construction and ensure we are staying true to their visions. We only use the finest, high quality materials in the building of our custom homes and are so confident in our work that we provide a warranty for twice the length of time of most other remodeling or new construction warranties.


Tony Talisse is hands down the best contractor I have worked with. His passion, resourcefulness, and knowledge are the prefect combination for creating a beautiful home. He is fast and efficient. When Tony makes a promise you can trust . . .

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