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New Construction

At Designer Kitchens & Beyond (DKB), building designer kitchens is just the beginning. In fact, DKB has been designing and building breathtaking new homes and living spaces since 1987. We excel at providing new construction services – from project consultation to completion – for customers throughout Los Angeles and Orange counties. Guided by the vision and principles of founder and architect Tony Talisse, DKB has become renowned across the Southland for an unwavering commitment to innovative design, elegant aesthetic and impeccable workmanship.

Every new construction project is carefully inspected on an ongoing basis to ensure that every new home is built to DKB's high standards of quality and durability, as well as in compliance with all state, county and local regulations. The experienced architectural and interior designers at DKB facilitate the building of a better home and ensure that even the most complicated architectural details are implemented beautifully and precisely, from the stairways, walls, fireplaces, and ceilings, to the arches, columns, and windows. We bring to life the dreams of our clients through our eye for functional and beautiful design and our respect for your budget and time, in order to create truly beautiful and unique homes that stand the test of time.

At DKB, we are confident in our work, and offer a two-year warranty on all our projects – twice the warranty length of other contractors. We are licensed, bonded and insured, and will take care of the necessary licenses and permits needed for your project. Whether you have a tear-down or an empty lot, our team of new construction experts will help you build your dream home. Call today for a free consultation and quote.


Tony Talisse is hands down the best contractor I have worked with. His passion, resourcefulness, and knowledge are the prefect combination for creating a beautiful home. He is fast and efficient. When Tony makes a promise you can trust . . .

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